Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day at the slides

My beautiful sister, Sabry, and I took our kids to the HUGE slides yesterday. The boys couldn't get enough! They went down as many times as they could. Ellie is so light that she would fly off the slide everytime. She was done after two wipe outs. It was such a fun day!

Landon, Ellie, Jack, and Ethan

The gang...not quite sure what little Jack is doing..arrr matey!

Cute Landon..I can't believe he's getting so big.

Ellie feeding the fish.


Karen said...

Is that in Omaha ?!!!

Edwards trio said...

I love the last two of Ellie and cute! Landon just looks like such a big guy.

B&R said...

I must say... you DO have a GORGEOUS sister.
And her blog is cuter, but I can tell she has shared some of her mastery in your blogs, young grasshopper~ ;)

Joseph & Marci McAllister said...

Yeah! New pictures :). I'll have to tell my Mom. I can't wait to see those little kidders again and for that little baby to be here.