Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Fun

Landon loves riding Ethan's motorcycle. This spring my dad is going to make a track in one of the fields so they can ride in the wild!
Some of the gang!

The kids had a blast sledding! We hooked up the sleds to the back of a tracker and off they went w/a very nervous Grandpa watching on.


rachaeljanae said...

That looks so fun!!

Edwards trio said...

What fun!

Joseph & Marci McAllister said...

Oh, I want to be there. That looks like so much fun. Joe and I have been so boring this year. We haven't played in the snow once. I hope next year when Dillon is bigger and can actually play we'll have fun.

Kathy said...

Hey Sugar! I loved looking at your blog. I wrote a long, lovely message before but it made me log in and erased everything. Now, I am too tired to start over. :)

I will try to check on you every so often...but when I logged into my e-mail tonight, there were more than 100 messages that I had not opened. That should give you an idea of how often I get on my computer.

I love you guys!